Make Interactive Menu With QR Code

Make Interactive Menu With QR Code

A Digital Interactive Menu accessible by scanning the QR code. Restaurants can update Menu fast, manage orders, cut printing costs, reduce human labor & much more.. 

Contactless QR Menus Are Safer

A Digital Interactive Menu that bridges barrier between the customers and restaurants without increasing the risk of additional touch points. Customers scan QR codes and interact with your restaurant’s digital menu through mobile phones. They place orders which you process through our integrated Restaurant’s Order Management System. Interaction with QR Code based Digital Menu has never been this easy.

Easy to update or change Menu

Edit and Update your QR Menus by simple clicks without the hassle or the cost of printing and labor.

Appealing Menu Design

Create traction for your customers through eye catching images and mouth-watering menu descriptions.

Faster Ordering Process

Pamper your customers by easing the dining experience through faster access. Facilitate the rapid Dine-In and Pickup processes and increase your table turnovers.

Better Customer Data

Cost of customer retention is always less than customer acquiral cost. Obtain direct customer feedback for better decision making for customer retention.

Frequently Asked Question

  • How i will create my Menu?

    Once you have signed up, You will receive email with login credentials which you entered while signing up. You can easily create your interactive Menu using your Online dashboard by uploading pictures & Menu item names.

  • What are the technical and device requirements to use Decord Menu?

    Decord Menu is a cloud-based platform. It can be used on any device which has access to internet.

  • How many types of QR codes do you offer?

    We offer 2 Types of QR codes for Menu. One for Table orders, other for Takeaway & Delivery orders. Takeaway & Delivery Orders also have Menu Link.

  • Which currencies does Decord Menu support?

    All currencies are supported in Decord Menu System. While signing up, the country you will choose, currency will be shown based upon that country for the Menu & Admin Dashboard.

  • Which languages does Decord Menu support?

    We support English, If You wish to show your menu in your preferred language, please Contact Us.

  • How i will receive orders?

    Once a Table, Takeaway or Delivery order is placed. You will receive prompt notification on your Online Dashboard or POS as per your obtained plan. By just clicking you can see the order details and manage order.

  • How do customers order the food in restaurant?

    If Order Management is not activated customers can only view the Menu on their smartphones. If your plan has orders activated, they can place their orders by scanning the QR Code of the Menu for table orders or by accessing the Menu Link for Takeaway & Delivery orders.