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POS, PMS & QR Code Menu System

Cloud POS System integrated with Hotel Property Management System & QR Code Menu. Receive orders from rooms or tables. Waiters can punch orders in the system as well as customers can place orders by scanning the QR Code of Menu from their smartphones.

How it works?

Manage online and offline reservations, Punch food orders in POS or receive orders directly from customers smartphones by scanning the QR Code of the Menu without any App.
PMS System integrated with POS and QR Code Menu. Update Menu instantly using any device.

Visual Ease

Receive prompt notifications in POS for all sort of orders placed by customers by scanning the QR Code of Menu or by accessing Menu Link along with Call Waiter & Bill requests. Increase your service efficiency and cut cost at the same time by using All in one Restaurant Cloud POS System.

Integrated QR Code Menu

Increase restaurant sales & profits by generating QR code Menu supported by a complete Order Management System/POS. Guests can scan to view menu, place & track orders, submit feedback by scanning Menu QR code or by accessing the Menu Link. Restaurants can manage orders and update Menu without spending money on printing costs or wasting time.
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Inventory Management

Input your purchases and let our POS system to do the rest. Your inventory will be automatically updated on sales. You can verify your actual inventory with calculated POS inventory at the end of the day to identify any significant difference and put a full stop on theft. Enjoy live monitoring, Reduce waste, receive alerts on low stock to resupply & avoid running out of products.

Recipe Consistency

Create recipes of your items within our secure cloud based POS system and ensure product consistency through our Restaurant Inventory Management System.

Supplier Management

Manage all your suppliers and payments. Check reports online anywhere, anytime. With Decord POS enhanced dashboard your Supplier Management is on your fingertips.

Purchase Management

Decord POS uses intelligent purchasing so you always have what you need. Stop throwing money away when you over or under order. Enter all your purchases and leave rest on the system.

Theft Management

Proper security and exact inventory management is your first line of defense against theft. Legacy restaurant POS systems don't have the custom reporting capability managers need to stop or prevent it. With Decord POS you can have better control over theft.

Reports & Analytics

Get real-time and on-the-go access to rich data for your restaurant on sales, inventory, operations and branches performance with Decord point of sale restaurant reporting. Enjoy robust online reporting and timely insight into sales, costs and execution.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • May I use mobile devices to operate with Decord POS?

    Yes, you may use Android tablets or even Smartphones.

  • Do you offer Point of Sale software for various hardware ?

    We have designed Point of Sale software for any hardware of your choice.

  • Should I pay for customer support?

    For all users subscribed, we provide the best assistance at any given time.

  • Can I use equipment that I already have? (laptops, printers, computers)

    Yes, you will probably be able to use everything that you own

  • Is it possible to connect multiple POS Stations to the same database?

    Yes, it’s possible and it’s easy to do. Network operation can be set simply by yourself. For additional questions regarding the same, please contact us anytime.

  • Where can I find how to use instructions?

    Decord POS is easy to set up. Once you have signed up, we will share tutorials for you. Also we would like to arrange an online training session for you if required.

  • How i will create my Menu?

    Once you have signed up for desired Plan, You will receive login credentials. By signing in you car setup your Menu using online Dashboard & go online instantly.

  • How is our POS plug-and-play?

    Ad Decord Menu is a Cloud Based System, You can use any Web browser on any PC, login & proceed with utilizing the POS system without the need for special electronic machines or devices.

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